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Dictionary of basic and general terms in metrology

This is a multilingual dictionary. The model for this dictionary is the International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology, 2. edition, Geneva, published by ISO in names of  BIPM - IEC - IFCC - ISO - IUPAC - IUPAP - OIML, 1993 (VIM). The numbering of terms is taken from the Finnish standard SFS3700. It is coherent with the VIM.

The sources of the terms are listed on a separate page.

If your browser does not support frames, please use individual documents. The base language is English (original VIM terms). Other languages at the moment are | Catalan | Chinese | Czech | Finnish | French | German | Hungarian | Italian | Latvian | Lithuanian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Spanish | Swedish | Turkish | Russian |.

This Dictionary does not contain definitions because of copyright reasons. Some of the terms are described on pages of metrological institutes; see e.g. the NIST reference.

Additional languages for this dictionary are welcome. Please contact professor Aumala and send him (per E-mail ) a printable document and a terms file. The terms should be numbered according to VIM and arranged into a table. Please embed fonts into the file if you use other characters than those in Arial or Times New Roman (ISO 8859-1).

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Updated 15. December 2005